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Today’s gonna be a good day! April 8, 2009

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My computer went on the fritz on Thursday and so I couldn’t post. Rather than bore you with the details of all that I ate for the past few days lets just say that I did good until Saturday then I did okay-ish. On a good note I lost 2.4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, so yay!

Last night I started training in the bar at Mikes. It was good. I feel like I was moving more up there than I would have if I was waiting on the floor = more calories burned hopefully. I am glad I was a help to Blakely. It got pretty busy and she said she was glad I was there. We ended up making quite a bit. It was a good night, but I still have a bit of learning to do.

My day has started out good. I let the twins play on the computer for a bit while I got ready before I took them to school (for those who don’t know, I take my cousins 5 yr old twins to school for her a couple of days a week). Then when I got back from dropping them off at school I had breakfast. This consisted of:

  • Coffee w/fat free half & half and splenda
  • 1 cup of mixed berries with 1/2 cup of  low fat cottage cheese
  • 1/2 of an english muffin with 2 sprays of I can’t believe it’s not butter spray.

It was a good breakfast. I also watched last night’s My Boys and painted my toenails. I am wearing my new dress that I made a couple of weeks ago. I feel great. I have to run to work now. I hope that all is well with ya’ll. Have a great day!

Thanks for reading



Today’s menu. Then I’m off to bed April 2, 2009

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So today I had”

  • breakfast~1 packet of instant grits made with fat free milk 1tsp of splenda and some I can’t believe it’s not butter spray & 1/2 of a banana
  • lunch~Chick-fil-a char grilled chicken sandwich. I was also supposed to have a fruit cup but they forgot it.
  • dinner~Amy’s kitchen’s enchilada with beans and Spanish rice & a apple.
  • treats~5 pita chips and 2 Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares.

Not to bad. I didn’t really work out, I did use the thigh master at my friends house for a while. I also plan on doing a little cleaning before bed. Thanks for reading, sorry it was so brief.



New Orleans…not a good start to getting back on track April 1, 2009

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So, a long weekend in New Orleans is definately not a good way to jump start being good again. I knew this going into the trip, and to be completely honest I didn’t even try (nor did I go into it thinking I would). But this time I really am starting over. Starting tomorrow I am going to post what I have eaten and the activity I have done. I am determined to get down to my goal weight! I will do this!

Now on to that topic of eating healthy. I stumbled upon this article today that list some new ways to get in fiber and how people that eat more fiber lose weight. I hope it helps you!

Here are some pics from NOLA:

Linda & me on our way to Dallas to catch the Plane

Linda & me on our way to Dallas to catch the Plane

By the way, that is the top of the dress I talked about making in my previous post. Unfortunately I don’t have any full length pics of it 😦

baby tutle on the swamp tour

baby tutle on the swamp tour


Sorry it’s been soooooooo long March 25, 2009

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I have been neglecting the blog…and I am sorry for that. It happened for a number of reasons. Mainly because I am crazy busy. I am going to New Orleans on Thursday and I have been trying to finish my dress before the trip. Did I mention before that I am making a dress? I am rather new to the world of sewing, and this is my second project. I take that back I made a couple of pairs of sleeping shorts too. Anywho, the first project I finished was a dress for our trip to Chicago. It was teal and it looked like the one in the lower right corner of this link. I wore it on my first train ride. The dress I am making this time is the C+D+I+L combination of this pattern (or the center drawing on this picture). I really like it. I can’t wait to do more. JoAnn’s was having a sale on Butterick patterns, 2 for $3! That is amazing. I went to buy a couple of patterns for friends, but ended up getting a few for me as well (plus a cute new sewing box that I am in love with). I think I am going to have to go back and look some more because I didn’t have enough time to give it the lookover that sale deserves.

Now on to the other reason I haven’t been posting…I have been eating horribly, and on top of that I haven’t been working out! I have been doing so horribly and backsliding. I have gained all (if not more) of the weight had lost since I rejoined WW this year. I am so ashamed of myself. I need to get back to posting my menus, it keeps me accountable. Oh well, the world goes on.

Thanks for reading!



And the Winner is… March 18, 2009

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brooke! Congratulations. Just e-mial me at and let me know your name & address. Thanks for all that entered and I hope you continue to move it.

Now on to my eating updates…since I haven’t posted since Thursday! I ate horribly this weekend! I had food at Mike’s (my weekend waiting job, that offers nothing healthy). Sunday at lunch we had a pot-luck…it’s really hard to be good at a pot-luck. Then my friends made dinner for us, it wasn’t necessarily unhealthy but I didn’t measure anything and had 3 biscuty roll thingy’s. Needless to say I gained this week, oh well it will just inspire me to do better this week.

Here are some suggested recipes for ya:

I tried both today, and I must say I am a fan. I will suggest having some fruit or something with the breakfast stack because they are a little short of filling.

Take care all. Have a great night!


Ah…my dog March 12, 2009

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So last night we had dinner. My sis and I went to church and after met the roomie at Barry & Linda’s (friends house, we are there frequently).  Got home and discovered we left the muffins on the table. My little Missy (my dachshund) had gotten on the table and eaten the tops off of all of the remaining muffins. I am actually surprised that the entire tin wasn’t empty. She is a little piglet, and eats anything given the chance. She acts like we don’t feed her. Every morning she gets up 10 minutes before my alarm and does her time to eat dance (and bark…she loves to bark), this aggravates me so because that 10 minutes is precious. However she is too, and she brightens my day so much (that 10 minutes in the morning is the exception.

I also had a bit of trouble after my post from last night. I ended up eating 2 nutter butter cookies, a sugar free Klondike bar & 2 tsp of Nutella. Eek, but I will just track it and move on. At least I got up early enough to gain an Activity Point this morning 🙂

Now on to today’s menu.

  • Breakfast-oatmeal and hot green tea w/honey
  • Lunch-turkey on nine grain w/mustard and carrots & sun chips
  • Snack-either a banana or clementine (or both because I have the points to do so)
  • Dinner-Slow Cooker Chicken Posole (WW recipe)

I almost forgot to let you know how the Hunan Pork with Peppers was last night. It was delicious too. We had it with Barley and it was awesome! I definately recomend picking up the WW Now & Later cook book…I can’t wait to try more!


Keeping with it March 11, 2009

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If you are anything like me you find the first day of a diet (or in my case, recommitting to WW) easy, however after that it is really easy to fall off the wagon. Yesterday was really good. I stuck with my menu except for the muffins I made last night. I had to try one and it was only 3 points. Today fortunately turned out to not be that bad. I meant to post today’s menu before I went to work, but my computer was acting funny so I had to wait until now. Today I had/am having:

  • Breakfast-1 Carrot & Orange-Ginger Muffin (WW recipe), 1 tbsp WW cream cheese & 1/2 c. honeydew melon
  • Lunch-Brown rice, roasted veggies (asparagus, carrots, onions & zucchini) and 11 shrimp.
  • Snack-WW vanilla yogurt
  • Dinner-Hunan Pork and Peppers (the Later part of last nights roast from the WW Now & Later cookbook) with barley.

My only slip up was a piece of  cream cheese sopapilla that my friend Gregg brought to work. I feel pretty good about it.

One thing I think that has made it easier to be “good” today is that I am in a “I want to try new recipes” mood. I made the Asian-Style Pork Roast last night (DELICIOUS & so tender) and we are making the Hunan pork tonight. I made those muffins (also very good) for breakfast and tomorrow we are going to have Slow Cooker Chicken Posole. I will let you know how the other recipes turn out, so far so good. If you have a recipe that you love, PLEASE share! Thanks for reading.